01 September 2014

my baby

A lot has happened this summer, among which the preparations for the launch of Finch + Agnes. But something far more important, I became mom of my third baby boy. He is the sweetest little chubby chub chub and already more than two months old!

29 August 2014

27 August 2014

the real deal

This is really happening... I am really going to launch a baby/kids wear label! It still feels unreal, but in a couple of weeks I will have my full collection in house, and the photo shoot is being planned as we speak. Hopefully not much longer I will have to keep you waiting for something real.

In the meantime though: an updated blog design and some sneak peek snap shots from the collection

25 August 2014

22 August 2014



18 August 2014


A new find on Etsy: Eleventy-Five (perfect name!)


15 August 2014

13 August 2014

hug mug

I want this!

11 August 2014


How wonderful is this design? Thanks Faiblessed for pinning this :)

Walkee-Bike by William B. Fageol

08 August 2014



06 August 2014


Around this time last year we went on a 10 week family trip to Australia. We loved it there! One of our favorite places we visited was Byron Bay, such a relaxed vibe. You can imagine when I discovered BandiKoot from Byron Bay.

That pink beanie!

04 August 2014


I'm quite smitten with these cuddly toys by Debesy on Etsy

01 August 2014

30 July 2014