21 July 2014

boys to men 2014

Wow, I think I haven't done a Boys to men in ages. I found such a good Pinterest board, by Kanako Yamaguchi, I had to share.

18 July 2014



16 July 2014

14 July 2014

little hip squeaks

I quite like their minimalist designs: Little Hip Squeaks

11 July 2014



09 July 2014

07 July 2014

04 July 2014

02 July 2014


Such a cool print, Stella!

Plus: 10% of the sale of this sweater will be donated to Stella McCartney's associated charity SOS Children’s Villages, to support community outreach programs and provide a loving home for abandoned, orphaned to vulnerable children.

30 June 2014

27 June 2014



25 June 2014

the packaging

Of course all that really matters is that your items live up to the expectations of your customers and I'm working very hard to achieve the highest standard. But... personally, I'm pretty biased towards brands that can offer an appealing package: professional branding, use of materials, the whole shebang!

I must admit this part of my Finch + Agnes adventure has been pretty fun to work out :)

23 June 2014

20 June 2014