15 June 2012


I normally am NOT a fan of cartoons on t-shirts, but then I was checking the very lovely blog Le Dans La (I want their wardrobe!) and I saw this

Le Dans La

And I want it! I love it!
Undercover Uniqlo

Uniqlo unfortunately doesn't have shops in the Netherlands, but of course they do have an online shop. As a matter of fact, a lot of shops, especially in Asian countries. Please click on the link above to check for yourself, because after hours (!) of browsing the internet, I only seem to be able to buy the shirt in Taiwan, of all places! For a short moment it was fun to see how far I would get with the order without understanding the script, but filling in my personal information ended up being the bottleneck...

I guess I will have to keep visiting Le Dans La if I want to enjoy this nice Disney design.

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