19 August 2012

this is how we do it

Yesterday while writing my post, I was struggling with the right formulation for 'we get on my bike'. Because it is what it says, but it sounds funny in English. My English anyway. And then it got me thinking, because even if the language is right, it probably still sounds funny to you foreign readers.

As you may know, in the Netherlands we love to bike. If you live in the city, there's no need for a car, hence we don't own one. In day to day life, we get by perfectly with just one sturdy bicycle. It looks something like this

And this is what it looks like when mama decides she wants to visit Ikea before picking up her boys from daycare

My boys, they don't know any better, they have no opinion on the matter. And although cars do not play any particular role in our adult lifes, for some reason they lovelovelove them! Like it is some innate-male thing... So, this is what makes thém happy

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