11 August 2012

when you least expect it

Let me be frank: I have a troublesome relationship with H&M. I like some of their women's clothing and can wander around the girls department for a present, but it annoys me how they always (and I mean always) do the same for boys. There is literally no difference between one collection and the other: dark colors, plaid, cartoon figures, skulls. Ugh...
So, last week I was in H&M browsing, when I saw this little number hanging around with its circus lions, elephants and seals

The first thing I thought, was: Is this for real? Am I really seeing something nice here... at the boys department (ok, I'm lying, it was the baby department, but still)? Ha! Guess what... it now awaits fall in my youngest sons drawer.
H&M romper

Oh no, wait... I'm lying again. Two years ago, H&M had a beautiful unisex line, made by Swedish artist Camilla Fuchs. Which of course, I bought all of.

my eldest in a Camilla Fuchs / H&M shirt & Lief shorts

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