31 October 2012

mouse house

Recently someone drew my attention to het muizenhuis. Dutch children's book writer Karina Schaapman made a huge mouse house, almost 2 metres wide and 3 metres high! It is divided in more than one hundred rooms, from the usual bed and bath rooms to a bakery and even a brewery.

The protagonists of Schaapman's books are Julia and Sam, two little mice that have all sorts of adventures in their mouse house, or better said: mouse town. Schaapman stages scenes with the mice in the different rooms and photographs them to illustrate the story. The detail is incredible.

Het muizenhuis grew organically over time, room by room. After a while the house became too big to keep in her own home, so Schaapman donated the house to the Amsterdam Public Library (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam - OBA). Now everybody can enjoy this masterpiece!

Even my two boys!

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