21 January 2013


As an end-of-year present my work always gives book coupons. Not bad! This year it was time for a new batch of kids' books. Here is what I bought:

* Het knuffeldekentje van klein konijn: Had to get this one. It's about a small bunny and his blanket, which he takes everywhere. Lo and behold (just learned this phrase from Kevin Clash, a.k.a. Elmo ;) his mother washes the blanket! Reminds me of my youngest and his blanket.
* Otis: Both my boys are crazy about tractors, so when I saw this book about a cute little tractor and his calf friend, I knew it would be an instant success.
* Franse kinderen gooien niet met eten: What an eye opener! It's written by Pamela Druckerman, an American mother living in Paris who writes about the differences between bringing up kids in the US and in France. To my opinion, Dutch culture was comparable to the French culture some years ago (I guess I was brought up the French way), but is shifting more towards the US culture. It definitely got me thinking about my own ways.
* Het grote Grimmboek: 16 Grimm tales illustrated by contemporary Dutch children's book illustrators. Beautiful!

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